September 2019 Newsletter

                                                                 Executive Council Report


The Executive Council met, as usual, on the 3rd Thursday of the month, August 15, 2019.

We welcomed Carol Olsen and Dot Reeve as newly elected coordinators and Suzanne Sanborn as chair of the Vitality Committee. Many thanks to Suzanne and her helpers for being a presence at the Oxbow Wednesday nights this summer.

Judy Stancliff, chair of Pastor, Staff and Parish Relations has scheduled lay speakers and clergy to fill the pulpit for the next few months. Spiritual Life members with help from the congregation will keep in touch with parishioners who are unable to attend Sunday services. Volunteers to help with this are welcome.

Claudia Niles is the new administrator for Facebook and Front Porch Forum and the person to call for prayer chain messages. Claudia also oversees advertising on the radio and TV stations.

Judy Grosvenor will write the weekly News and Citizen articles.

Many thanks to all who are stepping into new roles.

It is important for you all to know that the entire congregation will be involved in the process of securing a settled pastor, with the guidance from the interim pastor, the lay leadership and our Conference Ministers and the District Superintendent.

For more details please read our minutes which are posted on the bulletin board in the dining room.

Submitted by: LilaLee Fisher



Pastor Staff Parish Relations Committee

The celebrations for Marisa and Carol were a success. Thanks to everyone who came to honor them and their family. Also heartfelt thanks to those who participated in any way by cooking, writing cards, helping with set up and clean up, music and the list goes on. It was indeed a team effort. Congrats to everyone!!!!

As Judy Stancliff announced in church, the pulpit is filled until the end of November, possibly into January if there is a need, with quest preachers from a list of supply preachers provided by the district superintendent. The process for a bridge pastor and or an interim pastor is moving along. We have submitted our church profile and it is being circulated to various interested parties. Hopefully there will be profiles to consider in the near future.

In the meantime, it is important that the work of the church continues. Prayers for this process would be appreciated.

Judy Stancliff Chairperson


                                                        Pulpit supply for United Community Church 

September 1                Dot Reeve

September 8                Rev. David Vanderlind-Abernathy

September 15             Rev. Neil Carr

September 22             Rev. Debbie Ingram

September 29             Rev. Marjorie McNeil

October 6                    Rev. Joan O’Connor

October 13                 Rev. Joan O’Connor

October 20                 Rev. Debbie Ingram

October 27                 Rev. Debbie Ingram

November 3                Rev. Debbie Ingram

November 10              Rev. Caitlin Purinton

November 17              Rev. Debbie Ingram



School Back Packs:  A hearty thanks to all who donated school back packs.  You are always generous and willing to donate school back packs even though the requests are being made in July.   Six back-packs were given to Barb Miller’s Back – Pack Program and seven school back-packs were given to the PINS Program at DCF.


 Lamoille County Youth Center

The Lamoille County Youth Center is proud to announce our new Program Director, Haleigh West.  Haleigh has been a part of this community, going through the Lamoille South school system and returning to Lamoille County after college.  She has worked as a substitute teacher at Peoples Academy (both Middle Level and High School) and has had the opportunity to help out the theatre company there. 


We are excited to begin this school year with the focused mission of creating a safe place for our area youth to express themselves and just be who they need to be. 


Our official start date for the 2019/2020 school year is Monday, September 9th.  The Center is open Monday through Thursday 2:30-5:30 p.m.


For more information, email Haleigh at

Open Hands/Open Hearts (Benevolence)

Over the summer we have helped a few people with bills such as electricity, car repairs, etc. and have given out a few cards but due to a lack of money I haven’t been able to keep cards on hand. they are $25.00 each.  There is also the issue of my being alone most of the time now and our policy has been not to let people in while there is only one person here.

 Breakfast On Us

The Breakfast has been very busy this summer with numbers in the 30’s and 40’s!  Needless to say, we can always use donations of money or food (check with me, please).  We also need some more volunteers to wash dishes, take orders and deliver meals to the tables.  Please see me if interested.




                                                                      FALL SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS SCHEDULE 

RALLY DAY:  September 8, 2019 COME JOIN THE FUN!  Worship with your family and your Church Family 10:00-11:00 a.m. Followed by a special coffee hour..

Sunday, September 15, 2019   10:00  a.m.

Classes will begin right after the Children’s time

Each week we will join for worship with our Church family until after the Children’s Time.  Class will be held downstairs.

Teachers:  Cynthia Yerrick and Carol Olsen

The Month of September our Sunday School will be focusing on the lectionary readings.  We will look at the ocean, fauna and flora, storms, and cosmos.  Don’t be surprised if you see us outside checking out the wonderful world God has created for us.  We will learn to listen for God’s wisdom for our lives. 

Each week we will sing, take an offering (for Heifer Project), pray, learn from our Bible readings and create   We will do our best to be finished by 11:00.  Parents, please be respectful of our time so we can complete our class work by 11. 

Carol Olsen



 September Birthdays


Michael Alexander








Leah Bronner





Kristyn Calenberg-Laviola








Marcia Nichols








Chris Demars








Addie Salls








Nathaniel Launer








Bethann Pirie








Eliza Peters








Paige Cheney








Jane Gandy








Sarah Stutz








Jacob Wilson








Shaw McGraw








Seri Hazard-Hayes








Allison Mercado








Hope Sturtevant








Steve Stutz