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Welcome to our church, whoever you are and wherever you are on life's journey! 
 Bring your children with you, as we have a thriving Sunday School. 

Worship is at 10am with Sunday School beginning after the children's moment.

At our church this week…

A new church with a new name!

The votes are in and the name of our new church is:


United Community Church of Morrisville


Spread the word, shout it from the mountaintops!!

What began as a seemingly impossible venture,

God has made possible.

What began as an unlikely coming together of

Congregationalists and Methodists,

God has made possible.

Because with God, anything is possible!

What God began in us is continuing through us, in the name of our Creator who made us in God’s image, the Christ who saves us from our fears and doubts, and the Spirit who comforts us in our loss, gives us hope for our future, and leads us with courage into a new day of new possibilities.


Some questions you may have:

Are we still connected to our two denominations? United Methodist and United Church of Christ?


Is the name changed on our Facebook page?


Will the name of our web site change?

YES, look for that in a few days.

When will the signs outside the church be changed?

Within the next couple of weeks.

More questions? Just call Marisa at 888-2990



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