Christian Education

Our mission is to promote the worship of God as revealed through Jesus Christ and to promote the study of Scripture.  Relying on Scripture and prayer as our guides, we strive to serve humanity. 


Our Christian Education Program


Our Sunday School includes instruction for children age 3 through middle school, divided into four developmentally determined classrooms.  We provide childcare for children under 3 years of age.  Our high school youth either help in Sunday School or help our adults provide childcare. We practice "safe church", which means that  two persons are always available to the children in the classes and childcare.

Children's Sunday 2015


Intergenerational Worship February 19, 2012
The children led Intergenerational Worship on February 19, sharing what they learned in Sunday School about how we are called by God to care for all of creation.

Christian Education for Adults
We have Bible Study every other week on Wednesday at 3:30 pm in the parsonage. Feel free to call our Pastor if you are interested in attending 888-2990. New comers are ALWAYS welcome!