At our church this week - June 17 - 24

Today in worship:

Jesus said the realm of God can be compared to a mustard seed that grows into the greatest of all shrubs. Have you ever seen a mustard seed? If you haven't, think "speck of dust" and you'll know the size. The realm of God a speck of dust? That grows into a huge, unwieldy plant (actually a weed--the kudzu of the middle east)? We were challenged to consider the mustard seed of the realm of God that is not found in large institutions, but rather in small corners of our world: in the corner of an emergency room, in the halls of a nursing home, in the marches of Parkland students sharing their experience of tremendous loss and fear, with folks who are visitng the little children in Texas who have been separated from their parents and working to have them re-united, in the youth center where a boy receives acceptance and a girl eats her evening meal and vulnerable kids play pool, in breakfasts and dinners where people find fellowship and caring. Small spaces. Seemingly small voices. All manifesting the unwieldy, all-encompassing mustard plant of God's realm on earth as it is in heaven.

Participate in mustard seed faith this week:

Come to Bible Study that meets this Wednesday at 9:30 am in the Fireplace Room

And come this Saturday:

Lamoille Lacing Up for Cancer Walk

Saturday, June 23 from 11am to 11pm

Peoples Academy Track

Come to our church’s tent, which is alongside the tent for Claudia’s angels


And come to worship this next Sunday and hear our choir for the last time until September