At our church this week - October 14 - October 21

Envisioning month continued today in worship with the question: "Why are we here?" and "What if we are here in worship because there is a gnawing deep within our spirits to be here?" and then we asked, "why are we here in this church and not another church?" We looked at Jesus' message to a young man who had that deep gnawing within his spirit. Jesus told him "in order to find the God on your heart you must allow God to find you." and Jesus suggested to him (and suggests to us) that "with mortals it is impossible to have that gnawing deep within our spirits soothed. But with God, all is possible." And we wondered to ourselves, "how do I allow God to make the impossible, possible in my life? Perhaps we come to worship because deep down we find soothing, peace, and deep fellowship when we come. Perhaps we choose this church because this church is filled with those who believe that all can know soothing, peace, and deep fellowship--not only on Sunday mornings. All can know soothing, peace, and deep fellowship--spiritual needs met--as physical needs are cared for through food, gasoline to get to Dr's appointments, warmth during the cold months, a safe place to go after school.

Tuesday evening, all women are welcome to Women's Fellowship at 6pm in the dining room. Bring a dish to share.
Wednesday morning, all are welcome to our weekly Bible Study at 9:30am in the Fireplace room.
Thursday evening at 6pm Executive Council meets in the Conference Room
Friday evening Senior High Youth Group meets from 6:30 to 8pm in the Youth Center

Next Sunday during worship we continue envisioning month with worship focused on "Following in the footsteps".

UPCOMING EVENTS you won't want to miss:


Next Sunday after worship
Small group discussion
Lunch is served

Tuesday evening October 23 at the Parsonage 6pm
Small group discussion
Soup and bread meal

Thursday October 25
6-7:30 pm
For all residents in Morrisville and beyond
Come see the space, meet the staff, and have conversation with the Board
Light refreshments served

Sunday, October 28   3pm
Free concert   Donations are welcome for our mission