At our church this week - Dec. 2 - Dec. 9

Today in worship we talked about hope: the hope of a baby born in a stable in the cold, raw reality of animal fodder and dung
                                                               the hope of the birth of this baby spread by the lowest of the low in society: the shepherds
                                                               the hope of a toddler who is forced to become a refugee in a foreign land because his life is threatened
Who is this baby? Who is this toddler? He is Jesus, the hope who was born so many years ago and whose birth is remembered every year at this time.
Why is this picture hopeful? Because we see this Jesus as truly "God with us" --whatever our life circumstance: in poverty or want, anyone who is considered the dregs of society, anyone who is a refugee or is marginalized and oppressed.

Today in worship we saw hope: in our children collecting their "noisy offering" for the victims of the California fire, in the sharing of God's feast of Communion that 
reaches us whoever we are, and empowers us wherever we are on life's journey.

Yes, my friends, HOPE was born at Christmas. Hope for a world that is in such dire need of HOPE. And we are reminded that the world has always needed HOPE. The world has always been in turmoil, with despair all around. The world has always had the poor and oppressed weighed down by the rich, refugees rejected at the border, violence with human against human, humans more concerned about their pocketbooks than caring for creation. The difference between today and Jesus' day? We have technology, so we can tune into every corner of the world; a world that is alot bigger than in Jesus' day. And the need for HOPE is the same.

Today in worship we were challenged to bring HOPE to those around us--especially those who we really don't want to bring HOPE to; those we don't agree with; those we judge.  

Speak words of hope to the grieving, the downtrodden 
Do works of hope for the hungry, the oppressed, the refugee
Advocate that all know the HOPE of the world, beginning with our corner of the world.


This Friday 10am to 5pm
Come to sell; come to buy!
Bring cookies to sell!

Next Sunday's Worship
Second Sunday of Advent: PEACE
We will decorate the sanctuary, beginning with our children putting ornaments on the tree


Choral Christmas Cantata

“Ceremony of Candles: A Cantata for Advent and Christmas”

Sunday afternoon December 16 at 2pm

If you love to hear our choir, come to this beautiful telling of the coming of Jesus.

We will be joined by choir members at

Wolcott UMC, Hyde Park Congregational, and Holy Name of Jesus Parish.


Choral Director: Shaun Booher

Pianist: Marisa Laviola

Bring the HOPE of "God with us" to anyone and everyone we encounter this week.