At our church this week - April 15 - April 22

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Today in worship:
We asked a difficult question: "Is the Risen Christ really alive in the world today? What about all the illness and pain, violence and destruction, hunger and homelessness, cruelty and hatred?"
And we contemplated the Risen Christ who appeared to the first disciples and spoke a word of peace, even as he showed them stark evidence of violence and pain: the marks of suffering on his hands and feet and side. The Risen Christ bears the wounds of the world he came to save. And he charged those first disciples to be his witnesses to the world: witnesses to love in the face of hate, healing in the face of pain, forgiveness in the face of violence, welcome in the face of rejecting the stranger and refugee. He told them that he is with them, wounded healer,  as they are sent out as wounded healers into a wounded world.
Our world continues in its woundedness, and yes, the Risen Christ charges us to be his witnesses in the 21st century. There is violence and destruction, but there is also love and creativity. We are to bring it and find it, always keeping close the wounded Savior in our hearts. Resurrection is not a magical answer to the woes of the world. Resurrection is the beginning of healing come together with woundedness--in us and in the risen Christ as he bears the wounds of the world. And the Risen Christ travels with us "it is I, peace, I am with you all along the way."  

​Happenings this week:

Tuesday 6pm Women's Fellowship
Wednesday 9:30 am Bible Study
Thursday 6pm Executive Council
There is no Senior High Youth Group Friday because of Spring Break
Sunday 2pm Worship at the Manor
April 22 10 am Worship
Our Worship Theme and Scripture

“Jesus sightings part III: Faith through hearing”

John 10:11-18

Our Pastor will be in worship on Sunday morning. She leaves ​for Spiritual Retreat in the afternoon and then travels to the Annual Meeting of the UCC until the afternoon of Sunday April 29.  Rev. Alden Launer will cover for pastoral needs and emergencies. He can be reached at 888-8888. Our own Clark Callender will lead worship and preach during worship April 29.