At our church this week - August 19 - August 25

Today in worship we completed our sermon series on Empowered and Ethical Living. We focused on WISDOM and we asked ourselves?
What is wisdom?
Residing in the heart, wisdom combines thoughts and feelings, bringing together intuition and experience and humility.
How do we obtain wisdom?
The quest for wisdom begins with asking God, being open to the wisdom that God is so willing to give. It requires an openness to coming to God everyday to ask for discernment for good judgment and working for the greater good.
What gets in the way?
Not going to God, not desiring wisdom, thinking we have it when we don't, focusing on self rather than others, fill in the blank!

Next Sunday Rev. Alden Launer will lead worship and share the morning message. Our Pastor will be in Rochester, NY, taking her daughter back to college. Rev. Launer will also be available for pastoral care needs from Friday August 24 to Monday August 27--888-8888.

This week is a calm week. Claudia Niles will be back so the office will re-open. Breakfast on us continues as it does all year. We're gearing up for our next Community Dinner on August 31.

Labor Day Sunday Marisa will preach on "Resting from Labor. Rest? Are you kidding me?" Scriptures are: 
Exodus 20:8-11 and Matthew 11:28-30

Sunday School re-opens! Come to worship and bring a friend!

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