At our church this week - April 14 - 21

Dear Church Family,

We are about to enter into the most sacred week of the Christian year, commonly known as "Holy Week." 

Today we began the week during Palm Sunday Worship.

We waved palms and welcomed the One who is Jesus, who came in God's name to bring God's message of love, inclusion, welcome, and care to whoever we are and wherever we are on life's journey. .
And we wondered "what relevance does Palm Sunday have for my life, every day, as I walk along my journey?" We talked about our most joyful times that carry us through when we go through the valleys of worry, concern, and sadness. And we contemplated how God is deeply with us through both the joys and the sorrows of our earthly lives.

This Thursday April 18 is "Maundy Thursday" 

Maundy means commandment. At their last supper together before Jesus' betrayal and death, Jesus gave his disciples a new commandment to love one another as he loves them. He symbolized such love by washing the disciples' feet and bidding them to wash one another's feet. This giving of the new command and washing of the feet took place during the last supper that Jesus shared with his disciples. This is the same supper we will share on Thursday, and is also remembered every first Sunday of the month when we share in Holy Communion (The Lord's Supper). We will share a soup and bread meal in the dining room at 6 pm, and will then proceed into the sanctuary for Holy Communion as we remember Jesus' last meal with his disciples when he gave them this new commandment. We will then contemplate his last moments on earth when those same disciples deserted him. And we will wonder, "would I also desert Jesus? Even when he has not deserted me?

This Friday April 19 is "Good Friday" or "God's Friday". 

we will have Soup and bread in the dining room at 6pm and then at 7pm we will have our Good Friday service in the sanctuary. We will meditate on the last seven words of Jesus on the cross: words that reverberate with our own experience when we have felt abandoned and alone and in pain, wondering if God even cares--this is Jesus' experience on the cross. And yet that experience is gently tinged with forgiveness and understanding that hope is always just around the bend, just over the horizon. And that God never leaves us.

On Easter Sunday April 21 we will gather for worship at 10am. 

This is a child friendly service, as the Pastor shares with the children about when the women came to the open tomb and when Mary Magedelene saw the risen Christ for the first time. Most of us are familiar with the story. So we will wonder: what role does rebirth, new life, resurrection have in my life, here, today, in the 21st century?

Please come to Holy Week services and fellowship. Expect a deep blessing. Expect to be a deep blessing.