At our church this week - May 26 - June 2

At our church this week..
During worship the theme was LOVE. God's LOVE. The LOVE that encircles us . The LOVE that Jesus commands us to show one another. What kind of LOVE is this?

On this Memorial weekend, we contemplated:
It's the LOVE service men and women show their families, friends, country by laying their lives down for our protection and sovereignty.
It's the LOVE we show them by caring for their wounds, visible and invisible, and holding them in precious esteem.

How about us everyday? How do we show LOVE?
When I was younger, a very wise person said to me "look at people with God glasses on." At first, that was perplexing at least, daunting at best. What that person meant was to look at another as God looks at them.
See them as the preciously created child, no matter who they are. Lay aside my prejudices, isms, beliefs, ideas, that prevent me from recognizing and treating them as beloved with sacred, intrinsic worth.

And we may say, "O God, this is so very difficult!" Yes it is if we try alone. But if we own for ourselves the love God has for us as beloved of sacred, intrinsic worth; that love will spill out onto everyone we meet.

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